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The newest edition of the popular Conscious Rasta Report features nutritional science tips, practical advice, inspiring quotes, tactics and step-by-step instructions that will allow your body’s natural tendency toward efficiency to redirect your weight toward its natural low WITHOUT STARVATION DIETING. You can learn more and join our program at the following website: www.Keidi.biz/Off-the-Weight with a subscription to the Conscious Rasta Report 2012

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OTW_sNewly Released:
OFF-THE-WEIGHT 30 Days to a New You / Conscious Rasta Report V7N1

If you are overweight, settling for the symptoms of premature aging, fatigue, lacking a feeling of well-being, or somehow thinking that you are ashamed of yourself in some manner, then you may want to consider that it’s time for a New Life Paradigm.” You just may be due to be born again” in some fashion of mind, body and spirit or all of these. This report, OFF-THE-WEIGHT 30 Days to a New You is written with the specific intention to correct a number of issues within the body which have created a chaotic state upon which disorder produces disease, which is evident with specific symptoms. CRP2012 V7N1 (View the back page text)

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superfoodLiving Superfood Recipes - This is the much-anticipated collection of 110 of the greatestliving food recipes from my kitchen laboratory. These dishes contain a full spectrum of healing nutrients, all intended to jumpstart all of your body's natural healing and restoration processes. Medicine has never tasted like this before? Print version $17 plus $3.50 postage / . eBook download for $12 (CRP-SF1) View a flier


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Get A 30-Minute Consultations for $40 / 60-Minute Consultation for $70 - We can custom tailer a program for your personal transformation, which must include your seasonal cleansing and detoxification, with one-on-one conversation. You may have issues of medication, overweight, age, parasites, medical conditions that require specific and detailed strategies. We can suggest great strategies for dealing with deteriorating eyesight, abdominal obesity, clogged arteries, weakness, diabetes and other nutrition or toxicity caused symptoms. Get ready to claim your healing miracle.
(30- Minute Personal Nutrition Consultation)


Venus Williams Switch to Raw Vegan Diets for Health in 2012

venusCelebrity athlete Venus Williams is putting the spotlight on the benefits of eating a raw food diet to help improve her health as part of a New Year's resolution. Her sister Serena Williams is joining her. Both tennis players are role models for women and say they plan to fully embrace vegetarian diets in 2012. Other famous faces and sexy star celebs like Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde, Pamela Anderson, and Chelsea Clinton are also vegetarians, and the news the Williams sisters have joined the list of Hollywood women who don't eat meat is helping draw more attention to the growing health food movement. (read the the article on VegLov.com)


Check out this great poster size image of some wonderful foods to eat on a daily basis. I would suggest you get a large laminated print made and place it in your children's room or other location where it will be seen throughout the day. This poster could go a long way toward establishing a lifetime of great nutrition habits. (Click to enlarge)

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Through the month of August our Tuesday conference call we focus on the OFF-THE-WEIGHT PROGRAM. Each day for 30 days we will feature nutritional science tips, practical advice, inspiring quotes, tactics and step-by-step instructions that will allow your body’s natural tendency toward efficiency to redirect your weight toward its natural low. 

Join this free conference call Tuesdays from 10 PM EST / 7 PM PST, by calling (605) 477-2100 and input the access code 252853# to join the conversation.

For a limited time you can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of a great set of podcasts from our LIBRadio archives:
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We should all be inspired by The Ageless Woman, Annette Larkins


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If you haven't already, you must see: FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD by Joe Cross

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