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Keidi Obi Awadu

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We at the Black Star Media Group have created a number of highly charged, culturally relevant and life-enhancing products and we readily make them available for all of you to use to their fullest potential. Much of the content of this web site is original material. While we must appreciate that Truth must be disseminated widely and without inhibition, we must also ask that you help us to protect our copyrights.

Beware to Pirates

From time to time it comes to our attention that there are those who, in their zeal to get the information out to those whom they wish to influence, don't always follow the rules for seeking permission and granting of license to reproduce the materials. Rather than developing adversarial relationships with all of the negative consequences that follow, we recommend:.

  • Email us for permission to reproduce any of the original copyrighted material found on this site.
  • Don't compete -Cooperate! Become an official distributor and let us manufacture our products.
  • Report any cases of unauthorized duplication of our products or redistribution of our research
  • Remember your responsibility to protect those who bring you life-enhancing information.